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Pay it Forward Trailer

Sneak Preview

PAY IT FORWARD is an original Reality Television Project along the lines of TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL meets EXTREME HOME MAKEOVER, written and created by James Field. It will touch upon real life events of specific people or organizations that go unnoticed through our lives but leave behind a strong and supportive impact on the worlds they meet and help. Our first episode will concentrate on the Aslan Youth Ministry based in Asbury Park and Red Bank New Jersey. They are known for their blue van that pulls up into poverty stricken neighborhoods making sure that the children are fed for the night and offer a gentle hand and guidance through their mostly gang and drug related lives. It is to be shot on location in New Jersey.

Producers: Jim Fields & Frank M Calo
Director: Frank M. Calo
Executive Producer: Anuj Parmar
Associate Producer: Doug Proctor
Co-Writer: Rick Martinsen
Post-Production: Masucci Music & Film Production
Editor:  Michael Spatola
Director of Photographer: Shiloh Crawford III



Taxi Wars

Producer: Steve Dash
  Director: Frank M. Calo
                           Director of Photographer: Ruben Morales
Starring: Steve Dash