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Eyes of The Kings

Eyes of The Kings is a sensitive present day story of a young Hispanic boy, (Little Rudy) who dreams of one day following in his father’s (Big Rudy) footsteps; to be the president ofthe notorious street gang, The Latin Kings.

His violent ambitious are halted and guided elsewhere by Mai Ling who heads up the New York Special Gang Unit who escaped the terrors of the Khmer Rough as a little girl in Cambodia and Diane, the leader of the women fraction of The Latin Queens.


Mai Ling pulls her strings and helps Little Rudy do community service at an exclusive retirement home. It is in this retirement community where Little Rudy learns of his true journey. Mai Ling and Diane, help Little Rudy come to the realization that life is too precious and too short to be thrown away and wasted.

Writers:  Frank M. Calo & Rick Martinsen
Producers:  FMC Productions
Co-Producer:  Umberto Turelli
Co-Producer:  Natalie Hodge
Director:  Frank M. Calo
Genre:  R, Drama
Est. Running Time: 100 Min.

Angel Smiles

Angel Smiles is a heartwarming story about two Hispanic boys, Ruben and Georgie, who lose their mother in a tragic apartment fire. Their mother's best friend Francesca and her husband Carlos take them in temporarily until other housing arragments can be made. As the owners of a popular, new East Harlem Salsa club, Francesca and Carlos face some difficult challenges in being advocates for the boys, while Ruben and Georgie learn to cope with their loss. When Georgie be-friends and brings home another homeless child, Alvin, the newly formed unit struggles to make additional adjustments. The journey to discover the meaning of family and the power of love is one filled with tender and unforgettable moments.

Writers:  Frank M. Calo & Rick Martinsen
Producers:  FMC Productions
Co-Producer:  Umberto Turelli
Co-Producer:  Natalie Hodge
Director:  Frank M. Calo
Genre:  PG-13, Drama
Est. Running Time: 100 Min.

Hernan of Panama

Join FMC Films as they take you on an inspirational flight of one man’s mesmerizing journey from the jungles of Venezuela to the cities of Panama.  This man is known throughout all of Panama as HERNAN DE PANAMA and his spirit, appearance and attitude has captured the hearts of the Panamanian people.  Hernan's disability serves to remind us all that if you have the desire and determination you can overcome obstacles that life puts in your way.

Writers:  Frank M. Calo, Doug Proctor, Rick Martinsen
Producers: FMC Productions
Produced by: Frank M. Calo
Co-Producer:  Doug Proctor
Director:  Frank M. Calo
Genre:  PG-13.  Documentary
Est. Running Time:  30-60 Min.
Est. Budget:  $40,000 - $60-000
Cast:  Hernan (featured)



Summary:  ESQ is a sensitive present day story of the inner workings of a high-ended and exclusive Gentlemen’s Club based in NYC NY.   We follow the lives of five of the main characters.  GLENN the up and coming young and handsome club manager, VICTOR the owner of the Club, the HOUSE MOTHER who is in charge of all the dancers activities, NAJA the main dancer and a heart-throb from Yemen and PHIL Head of Security and Victor’s Sergeant Of Arms. 

The story begins when, Naja walks into the club and dances in a Burca, which sets off a wave of sacrilegious reactions and hypocrisy across the world, which brings way to much attention to a club as private as ESQ.  Very intense.

Writers:        Frank M Calo & Rick Martinsen          
Producers:    FMC PRODUCTIONS, LLC    
Director:       Frank M. Calo
Genre:          Drama
Est. Running Time:  60 Min per episode.

CAST: DAYTON CALLIE (DEADWOOD, SONS OF ANARCHARY as VICTOR).   Official offers will be sent for the other leading roles.

Target Demographic:  ESQ will have a very strong, core audience among the almost 50 million people who view HBO our intended target for this dramatic piece.  Additionally, we anticipate a great foreign return from South America, Mexico, Spain and the Caribbean.  However, because this is a heart felt TV show with a universally engaging theme, we are confident, ESQ reach will go far beyond the HBO’s market.

The soundtrack and fashion department and any more ancillary rights will provide additional revenue for investors while strengthening the domestic and international draw of the film.