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Johnny Postal

Johnny, a 19-year-old-boy is forced into the world of Asbury Park New Jersey due to the death of his mentor and protector, Soap Box.  Yet the young boy isn’t yet capable of such a big move alone – so he eases this burden by invoking the memory of his lost friend to help him navigate his way through an unfamiliar world.  Living through Soap Box's dreams, Johnny manages to land a job at the Post Office.  Soap Box continues to turn up in Johnny’s mind, guiding the young man through a series of bizarre circumstances and alarming encounters with an array of characters on his mail route where hilarity mixed with drama ensues. JOHNNY POSTAL is a coming of Age story of a boy discovering the beauty of immortality and in the process finding his true love.

Writers:  Rick Martinsen & Frank M. Calo
              Based on a story by Vincent Mazzeo Jr.
Co-producer:  Umberto Turelli
Associate Producer:  Doug Proctor
Director:  Frank M. Calo
Genre:  PG-13.  Drama
Est. Running Time:  100 Min.
Est. Budget:  $7,000,000
Script:  111 pages

Cast: HOLLY—(official offer out to Dakota Fanning) JOHNNY—(offers out), SOAPBOX—Frankie Faison (THE WIRE, THE COOKOUT), EDDIE—David Thornton (MY SISTERS KEEPER, HERE & THERE), PENNY—Jane Krakawski (30 ROCK, ALLY MCBEAL), ROCKET—Wood Harris (The Wire), HALF-STEP—Roger Sanchez (EMMY AWARD WINNING DJ) DOMINICK—Dayton Callie (DEADWOOD, JOHN FROM CINCINNATI), MRS. ZACHARY—(Queen Latifah).