About Us

Fank M. Calo  - Producer/Director

Frank M Calo is an Independent Producer and Director whose film THE BELIEVER, starring Ryan Gosling and Billy Zane won the Grand Jury Prize at the 2001 Sundance Festival.  That film won all the festivals that year including The Berlin Film Festival.  It was shown nation wide and had a great box office run.

His film, HERE & THERE with Cyndi Lauper and David Thornton has won the BEST NY NARRITIVE IN WORLD COMPETITION 2009 at Robert DeNiro’s, Tribeca Film Festival in NYC and had it’s official News York premier played to wide audiences domestically and overseas.

Mr. Calo has worked with Robert DeNiro (Godsend) Demi Moore, Mike Myers Shelly Winters, Marlon Brando and many more.  His film THE COOKOUT with Queen Latifah also had a great box office run distributed by Lions Gate Films.  He also worked for two years with The Motion Picture Bond Company under Robert Bordiga, as a Producer working on films throughout the tri-state areas.  He is currently working on two featured films entitled JOHNNY POSTAL and EYES OF THE KINGS along with a TV pilot entitled ESQ starring Dayton Callie from Sons of Anarchy.

A clip from behind the scenes during a recent shoot with Producer/Director Frank M. Calo

Umberto Turelli - Co-Producer

From a very young age, Umberto Turelli grew up with an admiration of the film industry and knew someday he would become involved.  He has successfully owned over six Italian restaurants in the heart of New Jersey and has taken part in demonstrations with various major chefs across the country.  He has been seen on News12-CN8 and on “EveryonesItalian.com" as their national chef.

Umberto has served for five years as the statewide chairman of Star chefs for the March of Dimes and has his own reality show “What’s Cookin” with Co- Host Mizar Tirdiu (Formerly News 12). His path of faith lead him to, Producer/Director Frank M. Calo and decided to take his dream to a higher level and became Johnny Postal’s first investor. Since that day Mr. Turelli has worked with Mr. Calo on other film projects and together they are bringing Johnny Postal and FMC Productions to its full potential.

Scott Kuhn

Scott Kuhn found the film industry out of a passion for the arts in 2005 as one of Johnny Postal’s initial investors.  Mr. Kuhn has been involved in the finance preparations of several feature films, negotiated the financial aspects of talent contracts for several films.  He has a passion for the combination of art and finance, aswell as a unique and realistic approach to successful film investment.  Additionally Mr. Kuhn sits on the board for the Philadelphia Soundstages, the sole fully operational production facility in the Philadelphia area.

Mr. Kuhn joined FMC Production in 2006 as a partner in the firm.  He uses his 18 years as a seasoned Finance entrepreneur with expertise in raising funds and development of complex transactions to position FMC Production squarely in the competitive fund raising environment.

Mr. Kuhn’s tenure at nationwide institutions such as Bank One, Mellon Bank, Flagstar Bank and a multitude of private offering clients provides the experience required to successfully lead development programs involving public/private funding and tax incentive monetation.

Doug Proctor - Writer/Producer

As writer/producer, Doug Proctor prefers a hands on approach to the position. With a background in promotions and public relations, FMC productions considers him the right man for the job. Doug, who also has a military and law enforcement background, rarely takes no for an answer.

Once given an assignment, Doug carries it out without prejudice. Whether it be making contact with the news media, soliciting investors, or getting his very important clients into an exclusive red carpet event, Doug Proctor consistently finds a way to get the job done.

Mr. Proctor officially joined the company in 2005 as its promotional director and immediately started a vigorous campaign to get FMC productions seen and heard...